SoCo Luxurious Spa Treatment

We offer full service grooming in our luxurious mobile salon. The process and our pricing include bath with different specialties of shampoo for your pet’s coat and skin needs, whether it needs de-shedding treatment, something gentler for sensitive skin, medicated for itchy skin, flea treatment or even a dead sea mineral mud massage, all in which the professional groomer will go over before she grooms. Services not limited but include nail trim and grinds as tolerated by your pet, teeth brushing upon request, swab and clean ears, and checking anal glands if they need to be expressed. The professional groomer is schooled at an all-breed grooming school, so all breeds are welcome, as well as beloved mixed breeds as well. Any other questions regarding our services, you can give us a call and please allow us 24 hours to get back to you. We do not give quotes over the phone because we need to see the dog in person, but we can give you a price range. Size, breed, weight and temperament help determine the price, as well. Thank you.

A groomer is someone special, who will take care of the needs of you beloved family pet, and we would love to provide these services.

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